About Me

I'm a New Zealand born and raised Serial Entrepreneur, Soul-led High Performance Life and Business Coach, Sustainability Consultant, Brand Manager, Creative Director, Mentor, Model, Writer and Speaker.

I began my career 19 years ago in Sales and Marketing Management and New Business Development, and then moved to America in 2008.

I had a deep passion for health and fitness and since I moved to a new country, I decided to completely pivot from corporate and start my own fitness business.

I spent 8 years in the health and fitness business, bodybuilding, became a 200hr yoga and meditation teacher, and as it was so rewarding and life changing, for not only myself but everyone around me, I couldn't deny my lifelong love affair with fashion.

When 2020 hit and I watched my beloved boutiques and small businesses in my community struggle, I pivoted once again.




With my successful business history, my adoration for small businesses and boutiques, and my love of fashion, I made it my mission to support Entrepreneurs in this industry and help them grow their businesses whilst enriching their lives and giving them their time back as their right-hand-woman in their Boutiques.


I grew a team of over 40 in a successful up-and-coming fashion company and gained a position in the top 1% of earners in the company.But something wasn't sitting right and that was my soul purpose to raise consciousness and to save the planet. I could no longer participate in the Fast Fashion industry and be a part of the devastating affects it has on our planet.


In 2022 I made a complete pivot, once again, to be a voice for the Slow Fashion industry and stand up for this planet! I extended my Spiritual Life and Business Coaching to Sustainability Consulting for businesses on a mission to becoming more conscious and to help strategize and structure their sustainability efforts.


In June 2022 I will be living full-time as a Spiritual Nomad, traveling the States spreading awareness of Sustainability and Slow Fashion specifically whilst consulting for small businesses and helping humanity heal through my various healing modalities (Quantum Healing, EFT, TFT, NLP, Reiki, Hypnosis, Yoga, Meditation, Movement).