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  • Gem Munro

Allbirds - Sustainable Shoes

Made from recycled materials, trees, and merino wool from New Zealand, this B-Corp company is making waves in the shoe department.

Allbirds' founders understand that Carbon emissions are destroying the planet. Being a Carbon neutral company, they are doing their part to solve the problem and not contribute to it.

With the Allbirds Flight Plan, our bold list of sustainability commitments, we plan to cut our footprint in half by 2025. Then reduce it to near zero by 2030. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be 100% carbon neutral and invite businesses everywhere to follow our lead.

Allbirds are very conscious about where they get their materials from, how their shoes and clothing are made, and the treatment of the people who are involved in the whole process from material to consumer.

Roots in New Zealand

Of course I'm proud to say that the founding father is a Kiwi! Tim Brown always knew there was something magical about Merino Wool. He teamed up Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert, and they brought to life this incredible company.

Allgood Collective

They aren't just doing good for the planet in the way of bringing to us a sustainable shoe, but they also have a collective of people who are also doing good in the community.

Next time you're looking at a new shoe to purchase, be 1% more conscious and look at Allbirds - With this link only, you'll get a FREE pair of socks! Just add them to your cart and they'll automatically zero out at checkout.


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