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  • Gem Munro

Full-time Nomadic Life - here we come!

With our Airstream being on backorder until January 2023 now, and our lease running out in June 2022...

... we're going to be full-time nomads for a lot longer than anticipated!

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller

Honestly, this situation may freak out a lot of people, but not me. Home is where my feet are firmly touching the ground, so that can be anywhere. I'm not concerned about not having our own space because I plan on traveling around a lot, nationally and internationally.

What does this mean for work?

As you may or may not know, I work full-time remotely anyway. So nothing really changes. As long as I have my laptop and service, I can do what I do from anywhere.

It's actually a much better situation for me considering I'm a travel influencer and content creator. Where's the best place to get content? All over the world!

I have my big New Zealand trip coming up in August/September so that will take a chunk out of the 'wait' for the Airstream. I'm also planning on spending a month over there in December/January.

In between times we will be staying with my husband's daughters and traveling around the States for several projects. Before you know it, we'll be driving away in our new Airstream.

So be prepared to see a lot more travel and lifestyle content coming at ya in the coming months!

Gem xxx

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