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  • Gem Munro

Vuori - Recycled and Sustainable

I am extremely impressed by the growth rate of Vuori and the increase in sustainable efforts and products made from recycled materials.

I honestly have not owned a pair of joggers as soft and light-weight as Vuori. Their material for their recycled items blows my mind! They prove that you do not need to sacrifice fit and feel for sustainable.

Better sustainable materials for empowering your best active life. We're committed to 80% sustainable materials by 2022.”

From their website: "We're offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint. Through a partnership with Climate Neutral, we cancel 100% of our direct and indirect carbon emissions from our business and manufacturing by funding projects that help combat global warming. From restoring degraded rainforests to supporting clean energy, these projects recapture our carbon emissions towards a healthier environment."

Vuori Active Club

They are dedicated to a happier and healthier community so they provide LIVE Instagram workouts every week with their Fitness Influencers.


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